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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Right Turn

The 4pm CT forecast is up, and this old liberal is uncharacteristically glad to see anything make a right turn. Of course it's all tentative, and even if the new forecast is correct, we'll still get hurricane force winds. But we can handle 90-100mph, and so can our apartments.

As always, if it works out that way, our fortune is still someone else's misfortune, and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who gets the brunt of this storm. I just hope it stops shifting to the right before it reaches a point which would affect New Orleans.


  • At 9/22/2005 7:13 PM, Blogger Bryan said…

    We are currently getting a four foot surge from Rita and we are at least 300 miles East. It will be bad on the Louisiana coast, but I think Katrina convinced the people to leave.

    Dauphin Island south of Mobile has been swamped again with an 8 foot surge. When they hit Cat 5, they really start moving water in the Gulf.

    I'm happy for Houston, but their evacuation plan needs some work. You can't leave people stuck on the road for hours.

  • At 9/22/2005 8:21 PM, Blogger cookie jill said… careful...tonight Rita took a little wobble to the West.

    Looks like Houston might be back in her site.

  • At 9/22/2005 8:42 PM, Blogger Steve Bates said…

    Bryan, as of the afternoon advisory, the local TV weatherpeople were quoting projected storm surges in Galveston considerably lower than those I'd heard before, down in the 15 to 20 foot range... though the Galveston seawall is 17 feet, so anything higher is bad. And you're right, the evacuation plan didn't work as anticipated.

    jill, I read that story and its source, and I think someone has confused EDT with GMT about the landfall time. It doesn't give me a lot of confidence about the rest of the post. There should be more info available in about 20 minutes.

  • At 9/22/2005 10:05 PM, Blogger Steve Bates said…

    Correction... they seem to have a different understanding of the word "landfall." We will get tropical-storm-strength winds late tomorrow morning, but that is not landfall as I understand it. Maybe I'm wrong.

  • At 9/22/2005 10:56 PM, Blogger Bryan said…

    Landfall is when the eye comes ashore. Things will get nasty long before that happens. Landfall is the beginning of the end, because the storm starts to lose strength after landfall.

  • At 9/23/2005 6:26 AM, Blogger spiralsands said…

    Steve, I heard your illustrious governor on tv last night. He was sarcastically scolding of those people who ran out of gas on the road after being stuck in traffic for 8 hours. " I TOLD them to FILL UP their gas tanks", he said. I guess he wasn't aware that there were folks in Pasadena waiting on really long lines for the ONE gas station that was open.


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