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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Armed Cathouse

Greg Palast's book, Armed Madhouse, has a section on just how the GOP is going to steal the 2008 presidential election in November. It's really pretty simple, because it consists of extensions of several techniques used to steal sElection 2000 and sElection 2004: caging, challenges and the "disappearing" of votes, not by the hundreds as we thought in 2000, but by the millions. Whose votes get "lost"? Why, of course, they're not all African Americans' votes... just most of 'em. Many of the rest are the votes of elderly Jewish voters.

Who benefits? Palast's title reflects a line from a poem by his teacher, the late Allen Ginsberg: "The soul should not die ungodly in an armed madhouse." How prophetic. But today's neocons and corporate whores are interested, not in prophets, but in profits. Spend all the money, all the efforts, all the reputation of the United States of America on endless war, unceasing for a hundred years or more as McCain instructs us, and you visit the corporate whore defense contractors in their armed cathouse. It is my opinion that America's soul should not die ungodly in the Bushists' armed cathouse.


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